Disability Living Allowance Telephone

Disability Living Allowance is a program designed for kids and young adults who are not able to care for themselves sufficiently. This program is slowly being phased out and replaced by the personal independence payment program. You can now only apply for the Disability Living Allowance if you are under the age of 16. If you are 16 or older you have to apply for the PIP program, that is if you have not yet reached the state pension age. If you have already applied for a DLA claim and receive benefits, your claim might end. If it does, you will receive a letter informing you of when your benefits will end and how you can apply for PIP benefits instead. The changeover has been quite confusing for people, so below is a comprehensive guide for how it will look. If you still have questions on the policies, you can call the Disability Living Allowance telephone number for help from qualified agents.

If you were born on or before April 8, 1948, you will continue to get Disability Living Allowance as long as you already have it and remain eligible for it. If you were born after this date, your DLA claim will come to an end. You will get plenty of notice before the policy ends so that you can apply for and get PIP before you lose any benefits. You do not have to worry about doing anything until you get this letter in the mail as it will have instructions to help you make the transition. If you do not get this letter in the mail at least 28 days before your DLA is supposed to end, contact the Disability Service Centre to receive help on the next steps you should take.
The amount you get for your Disability Living Allowance could change if your circumstances change. These circumstances would include how much help you need or if your conditions change if you are in the hospital for 4 weeks or more if you travel abroad for longer than 13 weeks unless it is for medical purposes and if you are imprisoned or held for doing a crime- if any of these circumstances change the Disability Service Centre must be notified so that they can update your file. You must also let them know if you change your name, home address, or if you switch banks, if you want to stop getting these benefits or no longer need them, or if a new doctor will be taking over your care.

The DLA is made up of the care component and the mobility component and in order to be eligible to receive benefits, you must fit the bill for at least one or both of those components. How much you receive in benefits is based on how much help you need. Some of these factors include how much help you need with tasks like washing, dressing, and eating if you need help so you and others are not put in danger, and other things as well. You can still qualify even if you do not have someone looking after you full-time.